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Our Solutions

Simple Control Solutions solutions are just that: Simple Solutions for complex problems!  We provide some out-of-the-box solutions as shown below. 

However, note we can monitor anything that has either a connection to the internet or an Analog or Digital output.  We can provide everything including:

  • The sensors: Temperature, humidity, light sensors, photo sensors, cameras, etc.

  • The collection devices: Modems, Cellular routers, Edge devices with IO built in, etc.

  • The cellular data plans and satellite data plans,

  • IoT, IoTT, and full Cloud SCADA Platform to monitor and visualize anything you can conceive!

Contact Sales today to discuss your situation and we can assist you in getting it online. 

SCADA and Measurement Projects

SCS has the resources and knowledge to Consult on and Integrate on many SCADA Systems such as Cygnet, Operations Software Suite, Ignition, IVM and many others. For more information, click on SCADA Services

Cellular and Satellite Solutions

SCS provides cellular data services for over 800 different carriers.  We can help you provide cellular data for your customers. Visit the Cellular Data Page for more information.

Cyber Security Assesments

SCS has certified Cyber Security Consultants on staff to help you ascertain and assess your companies Cyber Security risks and mitigate those risks as well.

IoT/SCADA Hosted Solutions

SCS provides quick and easy Cloud-based and hosted IoT, IIoT, SCADA, and Measurement Solutions for customers. 

IT and Database Management

SCS has resources on staff to help you with your IT or Database Management issues and needs.  Contact sales for more information.

Chart Integration Services

SCS provide the best Chart Integration Services from our team of experts.  Go to the Chart Integration page for more information.

What Our Clients Say

Keyboard and Mouse

Reservoir Engineer

SCS has the best customer service I have seen.  And OSS has the best trending for reservoir analysis!

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