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Hosted SCADA, Measurement
and IoT Solutions

Let SCS host and be your SCADA and Measurement Team!

Multiple Platforms and Solutions


       SCS can host your SCADA, Measurement or IoT application in the cloud.  We can host on multiple platforms but our expertise is in either Operations Software Suite or Ignition. 


SCS can not only host your SCADA and Measurement but we can gather your data in a hosted solutions and deliver it to your SCADA or Measurement or other business system in real-time.   This is OSS EFM Suite in the cloud.


Call sales at 504-321-3819 to speak with an expert on SCADA and Measurement hosting or contact with your requirements.

OSS Hosted SCADA Solutions
OSS On Premisis SCADA

Operations Software Suite (OSS) 


       SCS can host your SCADA and/or Measurement project in the cloud and maintain it for you for one low monthly price.  Full SCADA, Measurement and control over your system directly from your phone, tablet or desktop anywhere in the world.  Click here for more information on OSS or schedule a call with sales today. 


Pricing for as little as $20/month with discounts for volumes.  Integrator pricing available as well.  IoT and IIoT pricing is even less.  Dedicated servers available as well.  Contact SCS today for more information.  Outsource your SCADA and Measurement today!

Inductive Automation's Ignition

The full power of Ignition; done for you and maintained for you as well.   Monitor anything/anywhere and get data via the web or the Ignition Perspective App.

Call or contact SCS today for our competitive pricing on hosted Ignition systems.

OSS Hosted EFM Protocol Suite

Hosted OSS EFM Suite

 Get all of your data pulled from the cloud, pushed to the cloud or both then delivered to your SCADA, Measurement or business systems in real-time. 


We can pull all of your real-time and EFM Audit Trail Data in the cloud and deliver it to you at a low monthly cost. 


Pricing as low as $5/month per device or meter run.  Contact us today to answer any questions or get a quote.

Hosted SCADA/Measurement/IoT Solutions

 Let SCS host your solution.  SCS has out-of-the-box solutions such as:

  • Tank Level Monitoring

  • Canal/River/Stream Monitoring

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Fish/Shrimp/Crawfish pond monitoring

  • Weather Station Monitoring

  • Well Monitoring and Control

  • Well Optimization

  • Cooling Tower Monitoring

  • Streaming Video for any application

  • Many more

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