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App Developer

Custom Software Development

SCS has an extensive team of resources to do the custom application development that you need with resources in the US.  Let us help your vision of the software you want come fruition!  Let us help you with the design, layout, full development and even with the software lifecycle.  Contact us today at 504-321-3819 for a consultation today or send an inquiry with the specification and requirements to

Programming Languages

SCS has resource experts for many different languages including:

  1. C, C++, and C#

  2. Python

  3. Pascal

  4. Dot Net

  5. Java and Javascript

  6. Go

  7. Tcl

  8. PHP

  9. More

Application Types

SCS has expertise in many different types of applications such as:

  1. Desktop Applications

  2. Web Applications

  3. Hardware and Edge Applications

  4. Many more


SCS resources have programmed applications on:

  1. Windows

  2. Linux

  3. Unix

  4. VMS

  5. Edge Devices

  6. More

Project and Product  Management

SCS has the resources to not only manage a software deployment project but also to manage a full product development cycles as well as the management of that software going forward. 

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