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SCS IntelliChart


Seemless and Easy chart integration with the highest quality and the least hassle.

IntelliChart utilizes Artificial Intelligence software combined with battle tested experience to bring customers the highest quality in the fastest way possible.  Our experienced staff scans the charts, integrates them with AI technology, analyzes the chart and makes any corrections necessary.

Utilize our phone App to scan and upload your charts so you do not have to mail them in!  Saves tons of time and money!

Call us today at 504-321-3819 or contact sales at

SCS Smart Chart Integration Services

IntelliChart Stores Charts as Long as You have an Account with us!

Our customers have an assigned and dedicated customer service representatives to each account, who provide personalized service to your organization to help you meet your deadlines.

  • A variety of reporting options, tailored to your requirements and delivered the way you want

  • The highest resolution scans

  • AI technology to get the best and most accurate readings across all meter technologies

  • Integrated-online reporting options

  • Integrated SCADA if desired

  • Integrated Field-Data Capture if required for capturing manually entered data such as flares, etc.

  • Data on browser and mobile devices if required

How do I get started with IntelliChart?

It is an easy and quick process: just send in your request for the number and type of charts to  Our sales folks will get you a quote.  Once accepted, send in your meter configuration and within a few days, we will be ready to accept your charts for integration.

How long does it take to get started?

Within 7-10 days of receiving the proper meter configuration, our team will be ready to start processing charts. 

What kind of charts does IntelliChart handle?

IntelliChart handles just about any type of chart including minute, hourly, daily, and monthly as well as different sizes.  Please inquire with SCS Sales for specifics.

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