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TG462: IoT Edge Gateway

TG462: IoT Edge Gateway

ARM based IoT edge gateway, provides a better user experience for field data display and maintenance


● High-performance ARM-based CPU
● 2-RJ45, 4-RS232, 3-RS485, 4-DI, 8-ADC,   4-Relay, 5-Power Output, 1-I2C, 1-TTL, USB

● Up to 1GB flash, 1-Micro SD card supports up to 32GB data and program storage

● LTE CAT 6/CAT4* provides ample bandwidth for high data demand
● Capacity of collecting, processing and storing data locally, and transferring the data over cellular network

● Easy to use and program the gateway, customizable for your applications

● Secondary Customization and OEM/ODM are available


For more product information such as data sheets and User's Guide's, please go to the download page.


    The TG462 Industrial cellular Edge Gateways are designed for connecting diverse types of field sensors and equipment to cloud via LTE/3G cellular network, which is suitable for IIoT and M2M applications that require secure and rugged LTE connectivity in harsh environment, such as water&waste water, gas&oil, industry 4.0, smart city, vending machines, etc.

    With rich interfaces, includes Ethernet ports, RS232/RS485, digital inputs, analog inputs, relay outputs, I2C, power output, USB, GPS, WIFI, etc., The TG462 Edge Gateways allow users to integrate legacy systems with modern sensors. With high-performance 32-bit ARM-based CPU, Modbus RTU/TCP, MQTT, TCP/IP, and customized protocols, as well as up to 1G flash and 32G micro SD local data storage, enables users to collect, store and process data at IoT edge network.

    Besides, TG462 embedded provides a better user experience for field data display and maintenance. The LTE CAT 6/CAT4 and VPN provide ample bandwidth and secure connectivity for transferring field data to remote server.


    Usually shipped within 72 hours or order. Shipping costs based on shipping method chosen.  All shipping costs non-refundable.

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