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TG451: IoT Gateway w/WIFI, GPS and Dual SIM

TG451: IoT Gateway w/WIFI, GPS and Dual SIM

Programmable high speed industrial IoT gateway for serial, Ethernet, DI/DO, Bluetooth enabled sensors and controllers with WIFI, GPS and Dual SIM for failover


● LTE CAT 6 and CAT 4 compatible*
● Dual SIM for failover and Dual Module for load balance*
● Failover between WWAN and WAN*
● 1-RS232, 1-RS485, 5-RJ45, 1-USB, 2-DI, 2-DO, WIFI, SD*, GPS*
● DI status alarm with configurable SMS ● relay to turn on/off your field devices
● Python or LUA programming

*LTE CAT 6, Dual SIM, Dual Module, SD or GPS are option features or from customized firmware


For more product information such as data sheets and User's Guide's, please go to the download page.


    Bivocom TG451 is an industrial IoT gateway designed for applications like water pump station, power substation, vehicle WIFI, traffic light that requires collecting and sending types of data from different sensors and controllers to remote location over cellular network at a high speed data rate.

    The dual SIM and dual module mode*, as well as LTE CAT 6* allows users to transfer the big data at wider bandwidth and faster speed.

    The rich interface enabled feature allows users to connect serial port, Ethernet port, digital input, Bluetooth sensors and controllers, and relay output to control the status of external field device.

    TG451 industrial iot gateway has customized firmware for bus/taxi intelligent marketing wifi system, which it’s a great solution for display of video ads on the passenger mobile devices, helping the bus/taxi companies increase their customer satisfaction, meanwhile, earning money from selling advertisement.


    Refunds must have:

    1. RMA before return
    2. In working and as-new condition,
    3. Within 30 days.

    Usually shipped within 72 hours or order. Shipping costs based on shipping method chosen.  All shipping costs non-refundable.

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