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TR341: 5-Port Cellular Modem w/WIFI and Dual SIM

TR341: 5-Port Cellular Modem w/WIFI and Dual SIM

Cost effective 4G WIFI 5-Port Cellular Modem with WIFI and Dual SIM for ATM and transportation


● Single SIM or Dual SIM* for failover

● 1-RS232, 1-RS485, 1-WAN, 4-LAN
● GPS* for track your mobile assets
● RADIUS WiFi Authentication to ensure the security
● Secure VPN: Secure VPN: IPsec/PPTP/L2TP/GRE/OpenVPN
● LTE CAT 6*, LTE CAT 4 for option


For more product information such as data sheets and User's Guide's, please go to the download page.


    Bivocom TR341 industrial router is an industrial grade router that provides 5 Ethernet ports allows you to connect to up to 5 LAN devices or controllers. Besides, it has RS232, RS485 with Modbus TCP/RTU and MQTT to integrate your system with both Serial port and Ethernet port based system, which makes your solution more cost-effective.

    TR341 industrial router has dual SIM* for failover, which ensures you have reliable cellular network between different carriers. And the WAN port allows you auto switch between WWAN and WAN.

    The RADIUS WiFi Authentication ensures you can remote manage routers and field devices in a secure way.


    Refunds must have:

    1. RMA before return
    2. In working and as-new condition,
    3. Within 30 days.

    Usually shipped within 72 hours or order. Shipping costs based on shipping method chosen.  All shipping costs non-refundable.

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