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TG452: WIFI - IoT Edge Gateway

TG452: WIFI - IoT Edge Gateway

High performance ARM based edge computing gateway, extend your IoT analytics at the edge network


● Rich I/O for connecting your legacy and modern system to cloud
● 4-RJ45, 2-RS232, 3-RS485, 2-DI, 2-DO, 2-ADC, 1-SD,
● Capacity of collecting, processing and storing data locally, and transfer the data over cellular network

● Easy to use and program the gateway, customizable for your applications

● Dual module load balance or dual SIM failover, for seamless, reliable and high speed data transmission


For more product information such as data sheets and User's Guide's, please go to the download page.


    Bivocom TG452 Edge IoT gateways are designed for collecting data from diverse sensors, controllers or equipment, with capacity of processing, analyzing and storing the data at the edge network, and transferring the field data to your remote location under secure VPN tunnel. It has been widely for water pump station, transportation monitor and track, industry 4.0, HVAC and industrial automation, etc.

    TG452 supports worldwide carrier 4G LTE CAT6/CAT4/3G/2G/LTE CAT M1(eMTC) and NB-IoT cellular network. With option of Dual SIM(Single module and Dual module), WIFI(Option), the TG452 can be suitable for most of IoT applications in many industries.

    TG452 is designed based on Openwrt, allows the developers install their own application based on Python or LUA.


    Refunds must have:

    1. RMA before return
    2. In working and as-new condition,
    3. Within 30 days.

    Usually shipped within 72 hours or order. Shipping costs based on shipping method chosen.  All shipping costs non-refundable.

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