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Bivocom Hardware
Industrial Automation Software
Cellular Modems, Routers, Edge Controllers and More


Bivocom TD201 - IoT Cellular Modem


       Bivocom TD210 is an industrial cellular modem that provides reliable and secure connectivity for serial port (RS232, RS485) based industrial IoT, meter reading, PLC, IPC and automation application.It has built in independent MCU chipset, and multi-layer software detection and hardware protection mechanism to ensure reliability and stability.Industrial cellular modem TD210 supports transparent data transmission, helping you seamlessly transfer the data under MQTT, Modbus RTU, TCP/UDP protocol to your remote server.Cellular modem TD210 supports up to 5 sync data center, which enables you to receive the same data in different location and backup your data.A powerful and visual config tool, easy and convenient for you to configure, setup and diagnose the modems.

Bivocom TD210 Cellular Modem

● Industrial MCU built in, rugged and reliable
● Global 4G/3G/2G compatible
● 1-RS232, 1-RS485
● Modbus RTU, MQTT, TCP/UDP protocols
● Transparent data transmission, Modbus to JSON over MQTT,CSD
● AT Command, SMS
● Up to 5 sync data center
● Wide operation voltage: 5-35VDC
● Working temperature: -35°C~+75°C


Historians - Real-time time-series and EFM Audit Trail


       Our OSS Real-time Historian uses best of class data compression algorithms with a Relational Database backend with very fast responsive design.


      The OSS EFM Historian keeps Measurement Audit Trail data in a pristine and auditable measurement database.  Data can be kept for decades or more and easily viewed in our OSS Measurement HMI.


HMI - Human Machine Interface

       There are four OSS HMIs available:

  • OSS Desktop Client - used for configuration and control

  • OSS Browser or HTML application - light users

  • OSS iOS App - Mobile app for Apple Devices

  • OSS Andriod App - Mobile app for Android Devices

All data is served up from the same server and updates in real-time on all platforms for the best user experience no matter the role in the company.


Data Analytics/Data Mining

  Trend data from all four OSS HMIs:

  • Trend Data from any historical tag or measurement point on any device

  • Create or use Trend Groups for all or a specific user

  • Data analysis and mining on data as far back as data kept in history (forever)

  • Analysis reports can also be generated and e-mailed as desired.



  Reports of any kind can be created and templated visually and easily through the OSS HMI.

Reports can be:

  • Templated

  • Graphically edited

  • Both SQL and Object reporting

  • Easily duplicated with set parameters

  • E-mailed, exported or FTP'd on any schedule or on demand

  • Exports in PDF, CSV or HTML formats

  • Any data in the system can be easily reported

  • Data from external systems in Relational Databases can also be reported on and utilized

Reports can be accessed from all devices.


Field Data Capture (Manual Entry Data)

Most companies have data that is both real-time and some that is manually entered.  In OSS, that data can easily be collected and merged into the real-time system so it can all be reported and visualized in the same place for all interested parties.


Manual Data can be:

  • Defaulted to yesterdays data for ease of use

  • Templates can be created for the device or application in question and displayed in sections, routes, sites or other ways

  • Once the data is in the system, it is timestamped and can then be reported on like any other data

  • Sites or routes can easily be configured to scroll through customized to the company preference

  • Screens are role based so only specified personnel can access and update data

All updates and entries are audited and tracked.

Dashboards and Overview Information

  Dashboards are overview information created from all of the streams of data.  Reports of any kind can be created and templated visually and easily through the OSS HMI.

Dashboards can be:

  • Created for different roles: Executive, Control or Field Personnel

  • Created from real-time aggregated or calculated values

  • Drill down links for more details

Available on all platforms - Mobile, Browser or Desktop.


Oil and Gas Modules

    OSS has specific modules built for O&G - Production: both onshore and offshore as well as Midstream.

Modules for:

  • Production Management

    • Dashboards for estimated vs. actuals​

    • Control of estimates per well

    • Reservoir Analysis - linear, build-up

    • Graphical Analysis filtering

    • Map overview for routes and ease of operations

    • Reports and analysis for bad-actors

    • More

  • EFM Management

    • Problem Summary for company, field or meters​

    • Visualize all meter assets:​​

      • Flow Data​

      • Composition

      • Meter Configuration

      • Audit Logs

      • Event Logs

      • Alarm Logs 

    • Update meter composition dynamically

  • Pipeline Management:

    • Pipeline segment configuration

    • Real-time pipeline balancing

All data can be accessed from all devices.

Licensing and Pricing

    Simple Control Solutions has changed the pricing model of Operations Software Suite (OSS) to help make the customer experience better and easier to understand.  

    Pricing is now broken up into modules where it is now easier to understand how to compare OSS to other vendor solutions and software.

These Modules Include:

  • Platform (base) price

  • EFM Devices or Number of Tags

  • User Licenses (Seat or Concurrent)

  • Real-time Process Historian

  • Real-time Alarming and Callouts

  • Reporting and Export Modules

  • Measurement Module

The Platform price is the only item that is required and other items can be purchased separately based on your requirements. 


An Unlimited License can be purchased that includes all modules including unlimited EFM meters, tags and unlimited users for only $25,000 US.  Talk to a sales expert today at 1-504-321-3819 to discuss any questions.

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