{ archie }tm Digital Tank Monitor

Oil and Gas solutions many times require tanks that need monitoring. Using the {archie}tm Tank Monitoring Solution can easily solve your tank monitoring needs. Archie digital tank monitor

A Match Made in Heaven!

Monitor oil, water, mixed oil-water, and even chemical tanks easily. Couple the {archie}tm Tank Monitor solution with eFCAS RelationalSCADA® or some other SCADA package and easily determine status, make callouts to empty tanks and determine production based on tank levels. { archie }tm is easy to use and cost effective for any situation.



{ archie }tm Digital Tank Monitor displays:

AI-1 - Current Pressure
AI-2 – AI-4 Configurable
Current Time
Run-time Data

{ archie }tm Digital Tank Monitor features:

Four Analog Inputs
Supply Voltage 6.5-32V
AI – 4-20mA or 1-10V
1x1.5 inch LCD (128x64px)
Operating Temperature -30-55 °C
Configuration Software Included
Half-duplex RS485
Micro USB Connector
1000 Days Daily History
Up to 690 Days Interval History
Modbus RTU and TCP
Enron Modbus History
Ethernet On Board

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