{ archie }tm Digital Chart Recorder

The world is changing… The age of the hard to use, archaic, clunky, no memory flow computer has died.

Meet { archie }tm !Archie digital chart recorder

The age of the Digital Chart Recorder has begun. Smaller, faster, more cost effective; this device, called { archie }tm is easier to configure than a flow computer and offers a solution just as accurate as a flow computer for much less cost than even an old clunky traditional Chart Recorder.

Archie digitally averages your pressures and differential pressures. All raw and averages are served up via Modbus protocol. History data is served up via Enron Modbus Protocol. Charts easily integrated via Virtual Flow Computer Software.

Archie Digital Chart Recorder

Manufactured by: Simple Control Solutions

Model: Archie DCR300

Product ID: DCR300

Save Millions in Measurement!

Are you using Paper Chart Recorders and can no longer find parts? Are you spending too much on Flow Computers?  Simple Control Solutions has the answer. The {archie}™ Digital Chart Recorder cuts your automation and measurement costs BY 50%! 

A Match Made in Heaven!

Pair the {archie}™ Chart Recorder with CPU's eFCAS SCADA and Measurement solution and solve all of your automation needs. The eFCAS Virtual Flow Computer package allows volumes to be calculated within eFCAS for a fraction of the cost of physical flow computers.  

{ archie }tm Digital Chart Recorder displays:

Current Pressure
Current Diff. Pressure
Current Temperature
Estimated Daily Flow
Current Time
Run-time Data

{ archie }tm Digital Chart Recorder features:

Four Analog Inputs
Operating Temperature -30-55 °C
32GB Storage
Supply Voltage 6.5-32V
1x1.5 inch LCD (128x64px)
AI – 4-20mA or 1-10V
Op. Temp. -30-55 °C
Configuration Software Included
Half-duplex RS485
Micro USB Connector
1000 Days Daily History
Up to 690 Days Interval History
Modbus RTU and TCP
Enron Modbus History
Ethernet On Board

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