{ archie }tm Digital Data Logger

This network ready data logger will transform your oil, gas, and other industrial flow data logging operations.

The { archie }tm Digital Data Logger is a powerful microcomputer with 32gb of storage and many great, out-of-the-box features, including a small footprint. This device performs flawlessly in the demanding Oil and Gas Industry.Archie Digital Data Logger

Archie Data Logger logs raw, averages or accumulations of any analog input of 1-10 volts or 4-20mA. Everything is easily configured through the Archie Configurator. All raw and calculated values are served up via Modbus protocol. History data is served up via Enron Modbus Protocol. Priced for any application.

Archie Data Logger

Manufactured by: Simple Control Solutions

Model: Archie Data Logger 3.0

Product ID: DL30

{ archie }tm Digital Data Logger displays:

Three scaled AI/DI values on first page
Six more AI/DI on the imput screen
System Configuration

{ archie }tm Digital Data Logger features:

Four analog imputs
Two analog outputs
AI-four 20mA or one 10v
1x1.5 inch LCD screen (128x64 px)
Operating Temperature -30-55 °C
Calibration Software Included
Supply Voltage 6.5 -32V
Half Duplex RS485
Micro USB Connector
32GB Storage
200 Days History
Modbus RTU and TCP
Ethernet on Board

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